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Utopia: The New Worlds
By Gremlin
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #14

Utopia: The New Worlds

Oh good, a data disk. The real test of a reviewer's mettle is the data disk, because there's absolutely nothing to say about them that wasn't said about the original game - they are, almost without exception, simply an extension of the original game rather than an improvement or a correction of any flaws which might have been present, and as such reviewing them is a bit of a dubious activity.

Why? Because the only people reading the review are the people who already have the game are are interested in data disk. There now follows, for our more trainspottery readers, the only slightly relevant piece of information in the whole review - The New Worlds contains ten - that's ten! - new, er, worlds. Thank you.

The Bottom Line

Look, it's a bloody data disk for flip's sake. Why on Earth are you bothering to read this at all? You already know if you want it or not. Go away.

Stuart Campbell

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