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Amstrad Computer User

By Rainbow Arts
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #69


Dusk is a time where dreams are vague and reality vaguer, where fact and fable become entwined, where history fades into myth. A time where monsters of lore, laughed at in the plain light of day, turn up to haunt the darkest recesses of your mind. Who's laughing now?

So it is with Morgul, Lord of darkness and all-round bad guy. All those years ago, the goodies came up with a good, clean-living hero who banished old Morgul into the endless tracts and tunnels of time. But, true to his omnipotent form, he's back, and this time he's sorer than ever.

Who's going to save us now? I mean, the Ghostbusters are just this group of guys who act for a living. This is the real thing!

Turrican-Achrilles, Hector, Hercules, Alexander the Great, in fact, just about all of the old heroes seem to have come together to form our modern day saviour, whose thankless task it is to go into the evil fortress and flush out Mr Morgul.

If you think that sounds just a little too dramatic, try playing the game. There are five worlds for Turrican to battle through before he reaches the final combat, and each of them are progressively harder.

World One sees your hero taking on the might of a huge iron gauntlet amongst other daunting adversaries in the dusty wasteland. Try to keep a track of where you are going, because there is only one correct route through the level, with plenty of dead ends to stump your progress.

Blowing fake blocks out of your path may reveal some short cuts, but they don't always lead in the right direction. Never mind, just blow away the baddies that get in your way.

Although you are only equipped with a three shot rifle to start with, killing off certain nasties will power you up with excellent death-dealing lasers. For best effects, try pressing fire with the joystick centred. Down you go into a crouch, and out leaps your lethal laser whip. Not to be messed with.

As well as platforms and stages, you will also have to take many a deep breath and trust to the Lord, as you leap out into the unknown from ledges and hope there is solid ground beneath you.

Turrican is a shooty of epic proportions. The playing arena is vast, and the variety of opponents is stunning, especially when you reach World Three and battle it out against an ever increasing bacterial blob on a diagonal screen.

The combination of frantic shooting and trail searching makes this game incredibly addictive. The graphics are clean, with excellent scrolling and there are also some neat sound effects as you use your various weapons. Take the battle to Morgul in the Industrial World and you can certainly be proud of your progress, even if it does take you all week.

Chris Knight

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