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Amiga Power

By Kixx
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #8


Currently holding down the No. 88 spot in the Amiga Power All-Time Top 100, Turrican is an enduringly popular multi-directional scrolling arcade shoot-'em-up with enormous, sprawling levels and a neat line in power-up weaponry.

Personally I find it completely dull, the levels being far too nondescript to inspire any real sense of progress or achievement, and the repetitive nature of the blasting action being a real drag if your joystick doesn't autofire (in fact, if it doesn't, I'd say the game immediately becomes only half as much fun), but it's undeniably something of a classic, and an irrefutable bargain at the price.

Even if, like me, you get bored long before you're even halfway through it, you'll still have had plenty of entertainment for your eight quid, so you can't really complain. Grudging though it is, I have to admit to a certain amount of respect for Turrican, and, although it's not a game I'd ever choose to have in my personal collection, you could do an awful lot worse.

The Bottom Line

Massive blast frenzy that lacks character badly, but still manages to provide that all-important adrenalin surge, for a while at least. Worth having just for the rotating flamethrower.

Stuart Campbell