Commodore User

Turbo OutRun

Author: Mark Patterson
Publisher: U. S. Gold
Machine: Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #75

Turbo Outrun

This is what the game should be like - high quality graphics, fast scrolling, excellent sound and a multitude of features.

Journey from New York to Los Angeles in sixteen stages. En route you face storms, wet roads, snow flurries and innumerable other cars, including the white Porsche, whose driver steals your girlfriend should he beat you in a stage.

Visually, Turbo OutRun on the C64 is extremely impressive. The graphics are well drawn, update fast and manage to retain the feel of the arcade version. Accompanying the graphics are several impressive tunes, each with its own style and very rarely repetitive.

Every now and then you get the option to change your tyres or improve your engine or turbo, with little mechanics obligingly shown attacking the parts to your car. At the end of the game you are shown a map charting your progress across America, again featuring excellent graphics.

In complete contrast to Turbo on the Amiga, the C64 version provides a fast fun game and conversion that will even please the sceptics.

Mark Patterson

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