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Transylvanian Tower
By Richard Shepherd
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #11

Transylvanian Tower

This illustrated text adventure is set in the five floors of Count Kreepie's castle, each floor represented by a different maze.

At the start you are placed in the dungeons; you must find your way through 100 rooms to locate the main exit, using the arrow keys for movement. On each move, you're presented with a (very plain) 3D illustration of the room you have just entered and the exits open to you.

Once the main exit has been found, there is a 30-second wait for the next maze to be generated. From here on, you will encounter the vampire bats which can be killed by a variety of weapons. The bats and weapons are randomly scattered throughout the myriad of rooms, and only by killing a required number of bats are you allowed to ecit to the next floor. Killing a bat also gains you a brief look at the map and your position thereon. Ultimately, you must reach the fifth floor, kill the Count, and steal his treasure.