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Toyota Celica GT Rally
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #90

Rally action at its level best. Can you keep your head at the corners?

Toyota Celica GT

If you've never tried this gem before, you won't know just what a tough cookie it is. Just like the real thing, this isn't about taking the family car out for a burn-up on the motorways. This is about rough and tumble action on some of the fiercest rally courses in Europe. If you want to stand a chance, you'll have to be very, very good. Otherwise, you'll just end up as an also-ran.

Before you start racing, checking out the options menus is a must. To start with, make sure that all of the options are set to the easiest setting, otherwise the novices amongst you won't stand a chance.

Pick the self-centring steering option, automatic gear changes and low sensitivity to start with, then try out a practice course to see how well you handle.

These tracks will be located either in England, Finland or Mexico, so you can imagine the differences in driving conditions already. Make your choice and blast off.

If everything seems to be handling ok, then see about getting yourself involved in a season, or even try changing the settings to see which suits you best.

Preparing for a season's drive is all-important. Each of the courses features an automatic co-driver function but this is merely functional and, if you want to have any chance of making all of the tight bends and direction changes, your best bet is to scout out the route in advance, leaving cryptic messages for yourself at vital points, to remind you of what action to take.

Once this is done, taking on the course presents slightly less of a problem than tackling it blind, though you'll still have to be quick to make it within the correct time limit.

Toyota Celica is full of options, to make the game as interesting as possible. You certainly won't crack the top ranks first time out but, with perseverance and skill, you should begin to make a name for yourself before too long. With the save and load options included, you can leave off and return to your best season whenever you like, which has to be good news.

If by any chance, you do succeed very swiftly, then this game has even got something for smarty pants, in the form of reverse steering.

Once you have completed the course with normal steering, why not try changing it around, so that when you turn to the left, you actually go right and vice versa. This may sound a doddle but, if you've ever tried riding one of those trick bicycles, you'll know what a nightmare this is.

All in all, Toyota Celica offers great value for money. There's a whole lot of rallying to be had in this gem and you certainly won't be able to put it down in a hurry. The graphics may be a little monotone but the gameplay more than makes up for that.

John Taylor

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