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Tower Of Evil
By Creative Sparks
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Commodore User #11

Tower Of Evil

This game is not quite as menacing as the title and insert make out. Despite that, it's pretty good fun.

You're in an oblong room with an exit to either side through which the nasties come in. If there's no treasure in there, zap your way through the nasties, make a quick exit and you're in another room. Apparently there's sixty of them, but they all look identical - bit of a con? The idea is to rove the rooms grabbing as much treasure as possible to rescue some vapid creature called Princess Diana - no relation.

Occasionally, a transporter thing appears which you rush into. That seems to change the type of nasty. There's three of those: one of them fires back. I reckon those are the Baphonets. You deposit treasure when you reach level seven and that rescues the princess.

Graphics are less than stunning; so is the sound, but action is swift and furious. Definitely worth a few loads.