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Top Cat
By Hi-Tec
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #81

Top Cat

Beverly Hills Cats is a superbly original offering, featuring all of the famous cast of the old TV series, including, of course, Officer Dibble.

The story? Well, Benny the Ball has come into some money. A lot of money in fact, when an old lady leaves him her fortune because her daughter, Amy, has gone missing.

In between getting chased all over the shop by Dibble, Top Cat and the gang end up in the lap of luxury in Beverly Hills, in Madam Van Der Gelt's mansion.

Terrific. However, big problems come in the form of Snerdly, the butler, who happens to be next in line to the fortune, if only he can get Benny out of the way.

The result of all this? Plenty of madcap capers. as the gang desperately try to live it up in style, in between assassination attempts on poor old Benny.

The only thing to be done, is the decent thing, as the gang set out in search of Amy, the rightful heiress to the fortune, in order to save Benny from an evil end.

Featuring a superb variety of backdrops, with some excellent graphics, Top Cat is good, dean fun. Riding in the limo and playing around the pool provide just a couple of the smart locations and, as the gang get closer to the truth behind Amy's disappearance, the action certainly hots up.

The gameplay is wholly addictive and you definitely won't want to leave until the mystery is solved. With clearly defined energy and equipment windows to guide you on your hunt, Top Cat is a very cleverly thought out offering, giving excellent value for money.