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Toad Force
By Players
Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #48

Toad Force

Here we go. A particularly cute, colourful game, with more than a hint of frogism. This frog is metal he's powered by a mixture of liquid hydrogen, plutonium and oxygen, all helping to keep froggy at the right temperature. I mean, boil in the bag toad's just not on, is it? So our intrepid frog sets off to hop, skip and jump through the various layers of strata that surrounds a small planet. When you reach the end of one of the layers of strata you get the all-too-familiar guardian, kill him and hop on to the next layer, which is naturally deadlier than the previous. One false move and your legs will no doubt find themselves on the planet of Msr Mangetout.

A good sense of timing prevails overall in this game, so it's a case of if you spot any of the pods be extra careful when you gribbet or you might end up hopping mad as your entrails are scattered to the four corners of the planet's strata. So can the ultimate attack system defeat the ultimate defence system?

Like I said earlier, this is a cute game. The graphics are lovely with an abundance of colour and a great variety of piccies. A positive profusion of picturesque pixels. In short, this is especially for a budget game. The sound's quite good as well with a catchy little tune which can be switched off or just left on to while away the game.

There are a few little special effects which help to increase the already high standard of the game. Oh, there's also the familiar Players load-a-game, which is nothing more than a Crazy Painter-type thing, but it helps to pass the aeons tape loading.

And as for a question which many people will not doubt ask, is it as good as Fungus? The answer is yes. It's certainly more colourful, and more absorbing and addictive, a totally different format of a game, but technically equal, if not better. Even if you're not one for the budget regime at three quid it represents great value. Toad Force in the eyes of this reviewer is most definitely one of the best budget releases in many moons. One that should definitely be rated along with I, Ball and the other titles who try to imitate full price games, and get away with it.

Mark Patterson

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