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ST Format

By Domark
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #34


Generally, the point of compilations is to offer a number of good or excellent games collected together at a reasonable price. Domark obviously have different ideas about what makes a compilation. The five games collected in TNT 2 are Hydra, Skull And Crossbones, Badlands, STUN Runner and Hard Drivin' 2.


This is a terrible racing-across-water-shooting-the-bad-guys game. There's some pathetic wibble about you being a courier, but all it involves is dodging, shooting, dying and restarting. The graphics are awful and the sound's worse. Completely without merit.


This is a little better. It's another racing game, but viewed from a sort of above-pseudo-3D angle. Each track takes up one screen and you race your dinky little car around at breakneck speed, bashing into walls and the other drivers. Good fun for about three and a half minutes, if you like that sort of thing.

Skull And Crossbones

Another complete and utter dud. A coin-op conversion that manages to look like it's been converted from a Spectrum game, it involves gadding about on a ship doing nothing much aside from collecting coins and killing pirates. Formatting fodder for sure.

Hard Drivin' 2

At least this keeps you going for a bit longer - if you haven't got the first Hard Drivin', of course. This time you're racing around a speed or a stunt track with a slowish 3D view but with some nice stunts to try. There's a track editor built-in too, which is comprehensive but a little complicated.

STUN Runner

Strangely enough, of this motley collection, STUN Runner comes out best! It's - yes! - a racing game set in the future, with another 3D view. Here you zoom through tunnels, climb the walls to reach the stars - giving you extra time to complete each lap, and blast the other competitors should they dare to get in your way. Again, it's slow, and not likely to last for very long.


If you want racing thrills and even spills, paint your windscreen black and go for a spin around the M25 rather than buy this collection of duds. Avoid as you would Dr Lecter.

In Brief

  1. There are many better compilations around. Actually, they're all better than this one - just get anything but this and you're laughing!

Ed Ricketts

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