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Tiger Road
By Kixx
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #74

Tiger Road

If you're into beat-'em-ups, Oriental style, then get set for some superb action as you take the battle to the evil Ryu Ken Oh.

As Lee Wong, your quest is to save the children, kidnapped by the old rogue, to be brainwashed into his evil minions. On your way to Ken's fortress, take on some awesome opponents in the form of Samurai Warriors, giants, dragons and a whole host of other obstacles in a fast and furious game that is totally addictive.

Bringing this Capcom classic onto a budget label makes Tiger Road incredible value for money, being one of the best martial arts blasts of all time.

To survive the gruelling levels, you'll need to be quick indeed, so forget the marvellous scenery and concentrate on what you do best-dealing out death in large quantities.