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Commodore User

By Codemasters
Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #47


Earth is, once again, on the brink of all out interstellar war, this time the foe is Proxima. The battle-cruisers and war machines are positioned in preparation for one mother of a big barny.

In an attempt to save a strategic position, an Earthonian Battle Cruiser was fired on by a Proximian "Stinger" (try saying that with a fruit pastel in your mouth without choking). The Earthonian cruiser was subsequently blown into several thousand infinitives. After a while it was decided that neither side was more technologically advanced than the other, so the war was deadlocked until both sides simultaneously discovered the Chronoclasm Bomb. It was soon discovered that the bomb could not only destroy things in three dimensions but four. Both sides agreed never to use it, but in 2555 a chronoclasm bomb was detonated. No-one ever admitted to using this weapon, and in the confusion no-one could find out who used it. The bomb had torn a huge hole in the fabric of time itself. The hole reached for five centuries in either direction.

The bomb was detonated over Europe, and as a result dragged fighting machines from past and future, including you, into a huge rock over a strange technicolour landscape, huge monoliths stand erect waiting for your bi-fighter to collide with them. All craft must be treated as hostile. If your time bearings begin to fluctuate you must land immediately. Slowly the effect of the bomb will subside and you will be returned to a time zone close to your own. The only protection your bi-fighter has is a limited energy shield, lasers and a small supply of energy bombs which will destroy anything on the screen for a short amount of time (Don't ask me how you get hold of them).

When I saw the screenshots on the inlay, I thought to myself, Ah goody, a Uridium-cum-Time Pilot clone. Wrong! It is, of course, a Psycastria clone with a Time Pilot plot. Some of the later stages are very Uridiumesque, without the thrills. It is a fast game, but very dated now, even at budget price. The sound is weak, although nice in places. If you want a laugh (Code Masters must've wanted to) you can read the back of the inlay where it says, to quote, "Probably the best ever shoot-'em-up." Cor, pass the sick bag vicar, sounds like a larger commercial to me.

All that remains to be said is thank you mum, dad, Eugene and Mike and thank you very much Mr. Eastwood.

Mark Patterson

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