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Commodore User

By U. S. Gold
Amiga 500

Published in Commodore User #64


The Amiga version is, without doubt, as close as you can possibly get to the coin-op. It also happens to be the best home version, so Amiga owners are finally getting what they want from their machine.

The game follows along the exact same lines as the C64 version, progressing through all the same levels in order, but it is far better in three respects:

Graphics: The game makes full use of the Amiga's colour scheme. The graduated tint on the sky is really nice, the update is incredibly smooth, much more so than the ST version, and hence the 3D works amazingly well.

Sound: is another area when the Amiga version scores over the competition. A really thumping heeeeaaavvvvyyyy soundtrack belts away at your ears at the end of each level and there are some really meaty explosions and neat effects.

Playability: The final area that gives the Amiga version superiority over all the other versions, and that includes the coin-op for me, is in playability. The game is extremely responsive. The speed gets to you in no time and you find yourself pitching left and right with the joystick, creating your own hydraulics.

Is it as good as Afterburner or Operation Wolf? That remains to be seen, but they'll have to go some to beat this.

Tony Dillon

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