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Theme Park
By Electronic Arts
Amiga CD32

Published in Amiga Power #48

Theme Park

And welcome back to Theme Park. Yes, truly one of the best games of 1994 is now about to hit your CD32. Only it's erm, been on a bit of a diet. In fact, if such a thing were possible, then this version of Theme Park would make Barry Bethall and Slim-Fast look positively fattening. You see, there are a couple of problems with the CD32 version. For a start, you can't save the parks you create. Well, not really.

I mean, you can save your details and the amount of money and all that, but once you switch off your machine, the park you've spent all that creative energy on disappears faster than you can say "Oh no".

But there's more to it than that. The intro, for instance. Yes, it's still nice to look at, but for some reason the speech has disappeared to be replaced by some naff 'clown' music. What's the problem? If you can't put speech on a CD, where can you put it? And then there are the menus: they haven't bothered altering the text, so messages like "press left mouse button" still pop up. Yes, you can connect a mouse, but even then the opening menu screen has F1-F5 optimistically placed alongside the options. It's all got a rushed, sloppy feel to it, as if the CD32 version is merely an afterthought.

Admittedly there isn't much they could have done about the save-game problem, given the CD32's lack of on-board memory, but Theme Park is now quite a bit less fun.

The Bottom Line

Still enjoyable, but now smacks of sloppiness. And without a proper save facility there's a lot of time wasted. A shame.

Paul Mellerick

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