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The Worm In Paradise
By Level 9 Computing
BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #39

The Worm In Paradise

In an attempt to get back to where men are men and the princesses are glad of it, I plunged straight into this final episode of the Silicon Dreams trilogy. Like its predecessors, laughs are thin on the ground in this game and the 200+ locations, complete with plastic pizzas and cups of lentil custard, soon wiped the smile off my face. This future planet is complete with Dream Park, Casino and Robot police (Fuzbots) who control the mindless, pleasure-seeking inhabitants. To help you save the world there is a cuddly robot dog called Dagget, (late of Battlestar Galactica) who it appears has an unhealthy attraction to your leg!

A nice advance in Level 9 software is shown by this typical response to your attempt to affect a fountain: "Fountain: scenery only, ignore it". This useful reply could save you three hours trying to find three coins to chuck into it!

There is a complex travel system within the city using the Resistor Colour Code If you don't know what "Bad Boys do to Our Young Girls" I suggest you find out from some electrical trog, or you and your Dagget will never make it home.

This text only game is as devious and professional as all Level 9 adventures, and as I have solved a lot more of this than I did with the two previous episodes - it may be just slightly easier.