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The Winning Team
By Domark
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #2

The Winning Team

Domark is developing into something of a compilations specialist, with this selection of Tengen coin-op conversions following hard on the heels of the Heroes (film licence games), Wheels Of Fire (driving games) and TNT (yet more Tengen coin-ops) collections. Indeed, APB from the TNT set makes another appearance here, which seems rather dubious to me, but there you are. Software houses, eh? Who can fathom them?

So what've we got here? Well, quite a wide range of styles. The best of these is undoubtedly Klax (a brilliant game with elements of Tetris but lots more depth and tons of playability), but Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters is a goodie too, a pretty straightforward isometric runaround with great presentation, and action aplenty.

A good start then, but sadly things start to slip quite badly soon after. Cyberball is a simplified American Football game with minor extra violence, and if that sounds like a tedious idea to you. I certainly won't argue the point. It's sluggish and unexciting in play, slightly tricky to get your mind around if you're not into American Football, and in practice essentially amounts to little more than a flashy, compuerised version of stone-paper-scissors (gameplay consists of you choosing a move, then waiting to see if the opposition made a lucky guess about their counter move before you know if you've won or not). If you've got at least one hand and a friend, give that that a try instead.

Vindicators is worse - a sort of overhead-view Battlezone game, alternatively too fast or too slow, and exceptionally unrewarding to play. Very little skill is required, and all the levels look remarkably alike. The last game is APB, which is quite interesting and reasonable fun, but suffers from primitive graphics and ultimately repetitive gameplay. The control system is novel and there are nice touches of humour - competent without ever being brilliant seems like a fair description.

Common sense seems to suggest that most (indeed probably all) of these games will appear on Domark's budget label, and with this compilation priced at £30 the price per game means that unless you really want all five, you'd be better waiting and buying the ones you like individually.

The Bottom Line

Two great games, one reasonable one, and two duffers for £30 isn't really a very good deal these days. Wait a little while and save yourself some cash.

Stuart Campbell

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