Amstrad Computer User

The Vindicator

Publisher: Imagine
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #49

The Vindicator

Earth has been laid waste by invaders from another star: Mankind has only just survived. Your three-part task is to destroy these aliens.

In the first part of the game you must battle through a complex of passageways to find the parts of a bomb required to destroy this maze.

You must log-on to the various computer terminals scattered around the complex. To log-on you need a pass card. To get a pass card you have to kill a guardian.

The Vindicator

Assuming you have found and killed the correct alien, thereby obtaining the correct pass card, all you have to do then is find the computer room again and log on. If you are granted access to the system you have to solve a riddle. Success gets you the bomb arming code plus the mapped location of both yourself and the part of the bomb.

To make things a bit harder you have to replenish your supplies of oxygen by collecting a chewy substance called Oxygurn. If you succeed in destroying the complex, it is on to level two. An access code is given so you can restart on level two once the first level is completed.

In level two you start in a vertically scrolling aeroplane and have to clear a path so you can get to the underground headquarters in a jeep.

The Vindicator

But beware of the guardian, who must be destroyed. Level three puts you in the underground headquarters where you must defeat the evil Gog and his equally evil minions.


The Vindicator is a hard game that you won't finish in a few hours. I found that I just had to have another go, and it does get easier the more you play.

The graphics are not outstanding, but are adequate in an unimpressive sort of way, even though the guardians bear more than a passing resemblance to another well known alien. Far be it for me to point the finger...