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The Staff Of Karnath
By Ultimate
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #18

The Staff Of Karnath

In The Staff Of Karnath you play the intrepid Arthur Pendragon and have journeyed to the castle of the dead wizard Karnath, whose dying spell has shrouded the world under a cloud of evil. To break the spell you must find and destroy the staff hidden under an ancient obelisk by Karnath before his death.

The only way to gain entry to the obelisk is to find the sixteen pieces of a key in the shape of a pentagram, hidden throughout the dozens of castle rooms.

Armed with a magic ring that can cast spells to ward off Karnath's henchmen you must learn to select the right spells.

When you find a piece of the key you must deposit it at the obelisk, being careful not to run out of enemy as you battle past the numerous ghouls that congregate around the obelisk.

The graphics are impressive - especially the detail of beds, carpets, paintings, trunks and other objects in the various rooms. The moving characters are not quite as impressive as the background and in no way justify the description in the instructions of "cartoon quality". Sound effects are also disappointing.