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The Saga Of Erik The Viking
By Level 9 Computing
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #29

The Saga Of Erik The Viking

Last month we had some useful hints for Fantasia Diamond from G V White of Middlesex. This month we have a few hints for one of his favourite adventures - The Saga of Erik the Viking.

This was written by Level 9 and distributed by Mosaic. It has often been recommended and should in my opinion be on every adventurer's shelf.

Eric's family has been kidnapped and the adventure concerns his travels to rescue them - it will keep you on the edge of your seat for many, many hours.

The following are only hints and by no means a solution - but they are pretty specific in places. Do not read on if you would rather solve the puzzles for yourself.

Apart from 11 islands to visit there are many hostile islands and an iceberg. Since icebergs tend to float around a bit it is quite hard to pin down its position, but it can be found somewhere near the Deep Fjord. A maelstrom makes an appearance during your travels and will sink you unless you have the plug. To stop the maelstrom, Throw Plug - though this action does tend to reposition you. A nuisance but better than being dead.

When the iceberg is sighted, Melt Icicles with Rushes: Get the Rushes and Light Rushes with the Kindling and Whetstone. Wear the Skates and get the Plug from within.

This should be one of your first ports of call - sail around to sight the iceberg and land via the Iceberg Ledge.

You will meet a Dragon at some stage. To free it from its misery you must climb up to its nose and get the feather. Back on deck you will find a whistle. Blow whistle and the Dragon will come and rescue you - but only once.

Quite often you will see a dolphin and at one point you will need to approach him to get Fish Breath. When you see the dolphin, leave your boat - the Golden Dragon - carrying the flask. Fill the flask and then use the command In to get back on board. Examine the flask to confirm your catch.

Your sails are liable to wear and tear, and you must have the right tools to mend them. For this you will need the Needle, then when you get the message that your sails are in need of repair: Get Needle and Mend Sails.

It is possible to get to the various islands without sailing from point to point. If you examine the pot, Blueblade, Medallion, Monument and Tombstone, you will see various maps.

To arrive at these destinations you need to start from the deck of the Golden Dragon and rub the object which has the relevant map, then open the rag bag. This will blow the ship to that location shown at the centre of the map. The Medallion shows your current position.

When ashore, to return to the Golden Dragon, Rub Amulet (providing you are wearing it) and this second teleport system will transport you back to the deck of the boat.

Finally, examine everything. There are lots of things for Erik to find that will help him (and you) on this voyage of rescue.

Bill Brock

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