Amstrad Computer User

The Mystery Of Arkham Manor

Published in Amstrad Computer User #31

On Its Way

The next adventure from Melbourne House will be The Mystery Of Arkham Manor. Part of the pre-release build-up was to send out demo programs. These were unfinished, so although I could wander around at will, the puzzles and objects were not accessible - so what the final version will play like is anybody's guess.

You play an investigative journalist of the 1920s trying to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of one Colonel Fortescue, a former member of the war cabinet.

You must question the locals and send regular reports and photographs to your newspaper. For this purpose you have a notebook and a camera, both of which play an important part in your success, or otherwise in solving the mystery.

The game has some nice animated graphics and a system of pull down menus that should solve those problems of trying to find the right word. In fact the game is said to rely less on using objects and more on talking to other people to get at the facts.

At this stage the game looks good, rather like a cross between Kwahl and The Fourth Protocol. We wait for the definitive version with baited breath.