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The Light Corridor
By Infogrames
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #78

The Light Corridor

Find enlightenment in the shape of a ball and a racket.

"Get ready!" Equipped with some marvellous speech samples, The Light Corridor is one of those very highly polished offerings that has you appreciating the programmer's work at the same time as trying desperately to defy it.

The game objective itself couldn't be simpler: all you have to do is guide your ball down the corridor, between obstacles, using your racket and, for the first few levels, it's a pushover.

With only a couple of barriers to avoid, knocking the ball around doesn't cause too much of a problem. Pick up the special bonuses for extra lives and dual racket play and you'll soon find yourself advancing at a rate of knots.

The first level is relatively easy, just hit the target square within the time limit and you're through. From here on in, you're on your own.

As with most simple games, The Light Corridor is incredibly addictive, but what gives it the edge over many other games, is the host of options for you to play around with.

Naturally, you can alter the speed of your progress, but apart from that, there is a very handy level change option. If you can remember the four digit code of each level, which is displayed shortly after starting it, you can restart at that level again if you happen to get caught short, which you undoubtedly will once you start progressing.

On top of that, there is the two player option, allowing you to challenge a friend to this epic offering, using two joysticks or joystick and keyboard.

If, by any remote chance, you should get bored with the existing corridor, or if you manage to conquer the wily programmer's layout, the corridor editing option will allow you to build your own, with all of the obstacles at your disposal to make it as easy or excruciatingly difficult as you like. The choice is yours. Save it and let your friends have a bash at it.

There's even a separate scoreboard to mark your progress on your own creations, though getting all of the high scores without any competition might get a little monotonous.

No, The Light Corridor is all about challenges. Take up the gauntlet yourself first and see how far you can get, then take on a friend and then set your own limits for the ultimate enjoyment.

Using excellent 3D graphics, with some smart sound effects and digitised speech, The Light Corridor is a joy to play. Simplistic in its outlook, the game has many hidden secrets which need to be uncovered before you can finally reach the ultimate illumination at the end of the tunnel.

For sheer all-round entertainment, this is one offering that will be very hard to beat. Get it now and start challenging.

Chris Knight

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