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The Jungle Book
By Monkey Business
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #2

The Jungle Book

I had quite wonderful childhood memories of this film, until they got bulldozed by this turgid piece of software.

Let's be fair though - I guess it's not a complete disaster. It's presented as if it were a film, the audience lined up along the bottom of the screen. Lose a life, and one of them visibly falls asleep. A cute idea (sadly one of the few). Ah, yes, the game itself. This is a poor flick-screen, arcade-adventure thing, with jungle animals making life that little bit harder.

So where have they gone wrong? Well, everywhere I don't think I saw a single exciting thing happen the whole time I was playing it - to be honest, it stinks. Just say no. You know it makes sense.

The Bottom Line

Awful in almost every way. It really is quite sad. A contender for worst film tie-in, no problem. Disney must be kicking themselves over this one.

Mark Ramshaw

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