Commodore User

The Hobbit
By Melbourne House
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #2

The Hobbit

This game was heralded as a milestone in adventure games software when it first appeared on the Spectrum; it certainly retains that accolade now that it's on the C64 (and about time too).

Following the story of the book (which is provided free) you take Bilbo to the dragon's lair, steal the gold and return hopefully unscathed to your hobbit-hole. In this respect, the book becomes an essential tool, providing you with clues as to how Bilbo might escape - you might find it's fun to read too, if only because it lets you get to know the characters.

The graphics are a little short of brilliant, and on the C64 version innovations such as 'animaction' add an extra degree of uncertainty. (Animaction releases to the independent movement of the characters throughout the story and is quite normal to come across a dead Warg killed in some action in which you were not involved.)

A booklet is also provided to explain the 'Inglish' language used, and it has a dictionary of words that may be sed. This alone was enough to rate the program highly.

The overall result is quite brilliant, certainly amusing and incurably addictive. I have to admit that so far I have only seen 23 out of the 50 full-screen graphic interpretations and look forward to hearing from anyone who can tell me know to escape the dragon without getting singed.