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The Commodore 16 Games Book
By Collins
Commodore 16

Published in Commodore User #19

The Commodore 16 Games Book

Written by Jim Gregory, boss of the Mr. Micro software house, this book contains many of the efforts of Mr. Micro programmers. The selection of games is wide-ranging but concentrates mainly on old favourites. So you'll find versions of classics like Breakout, Maze, Frogger and Pacman games. There's a section on board games like chess and draughts, card games like pontoon and poker and a few 'thinking' games. You'll also find a text adventure about the Marie Celeste.

Tagged on at the end of the book are a couple of useful utilities: a character defining program and Music Monitor, a utility that lets you build up song sections and then sequence them in harmony.

Again, all listings are taken directly from a printer, given liberal sprinklings of explanatory REM statements, and graphic characters are converted into codes which you'll find listed at the beginning. Like the Melbourne House book, most of the listings are encouragingly short and none are too long to be off-putting - except Star Trek (you must go boldly on).