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The Case Of The Mixed-Up Shymer
By Adventure Probe
Amstrad CPC464/664

Published in Amstrad Computer User #40

The Case Of The Mixed-Up Shymer

Most of us can remember some of the nursery rhymes from those distant days of innocence. Because they are known to so many, they have been used by many authors and composers to give an extra dimension to their work. There is no doubt that reference to something that we are familiar with heightens the awareness. Just think of when you have read a novel that takes place in a locality you know well.

We now have an adventure totally devoted to the subject: The Case Of The Mixed-Up Shymer. You play the part of Shirley Combes, private secretary to the legendary Sherlock Holmes. The great man is away on a case involving a fearful hound in the West of England and the phone rings (ding dong).

Apparently there are riots all over the country - in nursery schools! It seems something is wrong on the Isle of Nersree. You decide to investigate yourself and set off in your pea-green boat. A strong current drags you onto the rocks and your boat is holed. Not only must you correct the situation on Nersree but you must find the means of making your boat seaworthy for the return trip.

You had better dig out those well worn books and swot up on who did what to who in the nursery.

The game is not difficult to play: there are no mazes and no one is lurking round the corner to kill you off. That does not mean that it is easy to finish. The game strategy is to create a situation where the rhymes will once again come true. This can often mean giving the right thing to the right person, but it easy to make a mistake, so keep a weather eye open for your score.

Written by a regular player of adventures, Sandra Sharkey, Shymer is text only. Sandra, in common with many others, does not think that graphics are what makes a good adventure. Atmosphere, presentation and plot are the major factors in enjoyment.

For a first game, Sandra has managed all three very well indeed. The text is not over long and is well presented on the screen in a very readable redefined character set.

It was written using Incentive's Graphic Adventure Creator, and you may give multiple commands and also use IT when referring to the last used noun. There is no ramsave but saving; loading a game position is accomplished quite rapidly and should be encouraged - just keep a note of what you have saved, Examine everything, and remember that this program recognises UNDER.

A good game for all CPC adventurers, especially those just starting, it is also very cheap - £1.99 for cassette, £4.25 for disc. The Case Of The Mixed-Up Shymer is available from Shark Soft, 78 Merton Road, Wigan WN3 6AT. Can you afford to miss out?

Bill Brock

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