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The Boggit
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #36

The Boggit

All your favourite characters from The Hobbit gather together here to join you in The Boggit in yet another spoof adventure from the keyboard of Fergus McNeill. This time he's assisted by his partner Judith Child, in plotting the exploits of Bimbo, Grandalf and Thorny.

As Bimbo, you've hardly had time to look around, before Grandal crashes in, to command you in a not very friendly way, to go on an adventure. His little gift of chocolates is best disposed of fairly quickly, or you will not live long enough to savour the joy of winning a price in The Price Is Right - if you can hit on the right price!

On through the forest, a brush with some trolls is answered with the help of a cryptic hint from a theologist - take heed of what he says! Smelrond's Hall is on through the forest, and an embarrassed Smelrond, caught in a dubious activity with a very friendly elf, will give you sustenance to hurry you on your way. But not before sharing a secret with Grandalf - what are those two up to?

This is a three-part Quilled adventure, with graphics every so often. They're not spectacular (except in comparison with a certain serious Tolkien adventure), but they're neatly drawn, bordered with a couple of swords, and look attractive.

A RAM SAVE facility is provided, and a short tape save and load is necessary to pass from one part to another.

If you enjoyed Bored Of The Rings, you'll find this equally amusing. A direct take-off of The Hobbit, it is not easy in parts. The first real sticking point comes very early on in Part 2, when you escape the Goblin's Dungeon through a springy window, and find yourself totally in the dark. In fact, if my memory serves me right, you are in a dark winding passage.

Interrupting you throughout the game, not only is there the ubiquitous Thorny, singing about gold, but narrative events over which you have no control. These add to the general hilarity of the affair, especially in an early encounter between some smelly dwarves and Grandalf, in which you end up in the toilet with a massive hangover. If you try to use it, though, you could end up with teeth marks in an embarrassing place!

Accompanying Boggit, comes a 'freebie' in the form of Sceptical II - an Oracle lookalike with about 200 pages of ads and scandal concerning Delta 4 and their associates. Much of this consists of 'private' jokes based on real people, but it makes interesting reading, especially if you find yourself stuck in the adventure, and want a bit of light relief.

Keith Campbell

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