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The Black Squid
By Channel 8
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Commodore User #9

The Black Squid

Your shipwrecked men have to brave the unknown waters to escape the dangers of the deep.

You have to get five men to the island in the shortest possible time - which isn't so easy, for in the sea are hidden rocks which cut you to shreds if you touch them (there is a way round this: if you press the Commodore and Shift key you can see the rocks!). And there is the dreaded Black Squid which relentlessly comes after you with the single intent to devour you, head or feet first. When you reach higher stages, you also meet up with the giant clams...

The Black Squid is a very boring and difficult game to play. Trying to outswim the squid is near impossible because your men move so slowly, especially when changing direction. The graphics are reasonable but the sound is poor - a bloop-bloop noise for the chasing squid but your players make no noise at all.

On the whole, a poor program.