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The Art Of Braking Heads
By Exclusive Pd
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #48

The Art Of Breaking Heads

Right. Straight from the off, let me say this is the best name for a beat-'em-up I've ever heard. Forget street fighting and kombat - breaking heads is what it's really all about.

Name aside, this is neat, playable and a bit of a laugh. If you're expecting to find a cheapo Shadow Fighter, you're going to be more than a little upset. But if you know someone who's forked out £43 for Rise Of The Robots, this should give you more than enough reason to laugh at them in a hearty fashion.

The graphics are a bit on the shabby side, although they move quite convincingly and have just the right amount of weight to them, and there's a problem with the collision detection when you're up really close to an opponent. The game can also be undecided about when you need to turn around to face the other way (when you jump over the other player's head, for instance).

As usual there's a two-player mode and a one-player tournament, and although The Art Of Breaking Heads doesn't do anything particularly new or interesting to the genre, this is a perfectly playable game which could be really good with some new graphics and a little tidying up.

The Bottom Line

The first truly playable beat-'em-up I've seen on PD, but there's nothing new or interesting to make it stand out. And there are a couple of niggly faults.