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Ten Little Indians
By Channel 8
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #11

Ten Little Indians

One of the "Mysterious Adventures" series from Channel 8, Ten Little Indians is an intriguing investigation into the whereabouts of a valuable gold figurine - the precise location of which is only revealed when ten other worthless figurines have been brought together.

The Adventure begins innocuously enough - you find yourself standing alone in a railway carriage, proceeding to the mansion of the late Major Johnston-Smythe where you believe the gold is to be found. When you eventually manage to disembark and head for the mansion, you are given several opportunities to become a deceased person - which I did, frequently!

Locations range from the railway station and a riverside wharf to the mansion itself. Several figurines present themselves rather easily, but some are fiendishly difficult to find. Indeed, a few of the problems posed in this Adventure were quite baffling.

The format is the familiar Adventure split-screen. The top half can alternate between a written location description and a fairly attractive picture of it, the bottom accommodates the question-and-answer text. There is the usual restrictive two-word input; but no matter, this is an enjoyable detective romp for the novice and experienced alike.