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Syntax Errors

Published in Personal Computer News #099

Syntax Errors

Issue 97's Software Preview page mentioned a new CRL program which we baptised High Flyer. You'll look long, hard and in vain for such a program on the shelves of your local store - its real title is Glider Pilot. The writer responsible has been pushed off his thermal.

Further back in time, issue 93 in this case, we published an artistic Amstrad program in which all the £ signs in the listing should be hashes (usually Shift/3).

We had a few crossed wires in our Routine Enquiry on Spectrum disk drives last week. The disk drive referred to was originally reviewed as a prototype in PCN last year, except it was an interface. It was then being sold by Morex, but the designers have since left the company, taking the interface with them, and it's now being sold by Watford Electronics. See page 29 for a full review.