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Switchblade II
By GBH Gold
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #19

Switchblade II

Mark, I know I was complaining about always getting the crap games to review, but I didn't mean for you to start giving me all the good stuff. What with this and Swiv in the same issue, I'm starting to believe that someone somewhere really cares for me. [Don't you believe it - Ed]

Originally released almost two years ago Switchblade II caused quite a stir by recreating an arcade feel in a computer game. The action was so compelling that it caused a lot of sleepless nights, and I still have the bags under my eyes to prove it.

The idea is simple, you have to guide your man through a huge catacomb of rooms infested with strange creatures, robot sentries and other security measures out to stop you. It's the normal "stop-the-madman-from-taking-over-the-world-and-get-the-switchblade-back" syndrome that we've seen a million times before [I've told you a million times to stop exaggerating - Ed] but with the great cybergraphics and sheer addictive action, it is one of the best.

After asking round the office it seems that Switchblade II wasn't everybody's cup of tea (two of us liked it) but if you like platform/slash-'em-up games then you can't go wrong with this. Besides, what do they know? [You're fired - Ed] Take it from me, you'll play this to death trying to see what is hidden in that next section. Many's the time that I've played this to pass a few minutes and found myself still playing it hours later. If a game does that to me, then it has to be good. Even when you complete it, there is still the urge to go back and see if you missed anything which is unusual for games of this genre.

It is sage to say that if GBH (Gremlin) keeps coming out with releases like this then by Christmas they're going to have the budget market sewn up for themselves. Top quality releases will ensure that the Amiga budget market stays buoyant and this goes to show that top quality games do work on budget labels. If you haven't already got this then you should be ashamed of yourself, but make up for it by saying 200 hail Marys and then going and buying this straight away.

The Bottom Line

Switchblade II on budget? You bet. Another game destined to once again become a smash hit on its comeback. It's very addictive, very slick, and very, very big. It's as close as you're going to get to sheer entertainment.

Les Ellis