Atari User


Author: Neil Fawcett
Publisher: Atlantis
Machine: Atari 400/800/600XL/800XL/130XE

Published in Atari User #30


Maze games are usually complicated enough when you have to concentrate on moving one person around. Here you have the unfortunate problem of having to manoeuvre three droids, each with its own ability.

Together you must rescue almost 1,000 survivors scattered around seven levels in a hibernation dome damaged in a nuclear war. This is achieved by teleporting them to safety one you find them.

Your three droids have their own characteristics: The number one droid looks like two rows of teeth on a pole and is used to eat the earth to reach the survivors. Number two droid looks like an abnormal corkscrew and this is your teleport droid. Droid three looks like a cross between Hercules and a Chieftain tank and is used to move some of the many boulders scattered around the dome.


To succeed, you must move all of the droids around the maze together (but only one at a time) as only their combined abilities can save the day. But don't keep losing them as I did.

Droids have individual energy levels, if reduced to zero then you lose one of your three lives.

Energy can be lost by contact with one of the MK.1 Guardian droids that constantly patrol the dome. Unfortunately, their logic circuits have been fried by the radiation and they will attempt to destroy you on sight. Also beware of boulders.


Another problem is getting one of your droids trapped by falling boulders. If this happens they you simply hit Escape and forfeit a life. Boulders can also be used to trap or crush Guardian droids. Add to this a time limit, and this rescue has plenty of problems.

Be very careful in what moves you choose as a mistake can make you pay very dearly. Try to keep all your droids together and don't disturb too many boulders if you can help it.

The graphics are quite nice but the sound effects are sadly lacking, the scrolling is quite well done and adequate for the job at hand.

If you are a fan of Boulderdash, you will enjoy this.

Neil Fawcett

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