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ST Format

Super Space Invaders
By The Hit Squad
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #52

Super Space Invaders

Your age may just be the decider in whether or not you like this coin-op conversion from The Hit Squad. Space Invaders was responsible for a complete cultural revolution in entertainment and social response to computers. The alarm and panic seemed to affect everyone from teachers to journalists to parents. The only people who seemed unaffected by the hype were the actual players of the game. Aside from mugging grannies and stealing from mum's purse, they were none the worse for wear.

As is natural, arcade games progressed and Space Invaders was soon perceived as the arcade equivalent of a train spotting game. This seems to have been too much for the creators of said game and they tried to fight back by releasing Super Space Invaders. So does it live up to the arcade machine? Well, the simple answer is that the question isn't an easy one to reply to. It's one of those annoyingly ambiguous yes and no responses.

It is a good conversion because the look and process of the coin-op has been captured very well indeed. The backgrounds and invaders are almost identical to the arcade machine. The process is incredibly similar with the inclusion of super power-up weaponry, gained by a strategic shooting of the ubiquitous flyover flying saucers.

The bonus section where you have to protect a herd of cattle being mysteriously abducted by UFOs is hilariously adhered to. As is the ability to play with a friend by your side, if, of course, you feel that way inclined.

Right, with the "yes" part of the answer out of the way, what about the "no" response? The playability suffers from the wrong feel. The bullets that you fire travel too slowly. The Invaders' bullets are too quick and certainly more frequent than with the original.


Despite the fact that the coin-op was a success, if you're under 19 you're likely to think Super Space Invaders looks dated and boring. If you're older you may be overcome by nostalgia and part willingly with our tenner. Cry before you buy.


  1. Basically sound coin-op conversion.


  1. Out-paced easily by other budget shoot-'em-ups.

Steve McGill

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