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Super Space Invaders
By Domark
Sega Master System (EU Version)

Published in Sega Master Force #3

Super Space Invaders

Don't get muddled up with ye olde Space Invaders game of decades passed. You remember, the monotonous one where you had to shoot through row upon row of feeble space ships, and when you finally completed the level, you had to do the same thing again... and again.

Super Space Invaders plays like the original but has loads of new features. There are many more spaceships - which have various attack patterns - power-ups, bonus rounds and end-of-level motherships.

Graphically, Super Space Invaders is brilliant. There's a massive array of colours, superb metallic shading and 12 different backgrounds - a pleasant change from many games, let alone the black and white antics of the old Space Invaders.

Despite its simplistic nature, gameplay's fun. It may be outdated, even bearing in mind the improvements, nut it proves that, sometimes, the old ones are the best. The only real gripe is that Easy difficulty level allows the surprises of higher levels to be revealed too soon.

Spaceship shoot-'em-ups are sorely lacking on the Master System, and if blasting legions of space mutants appeal to you, the cart's perfect.