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ST Format

Super Skweek
By Loriciel
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #24

Super Skweek

That strange creature is back in the follow-up to the surprisingly-named Skweek. You're a round fluffy yellow creature who wanders round a playing area made of tiles. Each level has a specific goal - to rescue the Skweekettes, for example. You can fire at the ubiquitous monsters and collect bonuses which enable you to increase your firepower. Other bonuses give you extra lives, energy and so on. If you manage to complete all the levels (and there are 225 in all) you can make your own with the construction kit.

Skweek is weird but fun. Some excellent graphics complement the beefy sound effects as you're frantically trying to cope. Typically French - garish, noisy and making no sense whatsoever - it's a mindless challenge which should keep you occupied for a long time.