Commodore User

Super Cassette A & B
By Melbourne House
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #5

Super Cassette A & B

These two cassettes from Melbourne House each contain fifteen programs by Mark and Clifford Ramshaw: it sounds a bargain, but all the games are unsophisticated and of a similar standard to those you would type in from a magazine. They are all written primarily in Basic, with just the occasional machine-code routine; and as a consequence the movement is jerky. All the games are controlled from the keyboard with no joystick option.

The games on these cassettes may well represent a convenient package for younger children. But their simplicity and rudimentary graphics means they are unlikely to appeal to the serious games enthusiast.

The exception may be if you are interested in writing your own games. These can be modified and a book is available giving the listings and describing their operation.