Amstrad Computer User

Stunt Bike Simulator

Publisher: Silverbird
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #49

Stunt Bike Simulator

You are Chad Adams, ace stuntman, required to prove your skills by completing five tasks.

Task 1: You guide your "riderless" bike along a scrolling road, avoiding cracks, puddles, bollards and other obstacles. You have to chase after a hang glider and, when you think you are close enough to it, press Fire. If your timing is spot on you are dropped from the hang glider and land smack on top of the bike. If it isn't, you are splattered all over the tarmac.

Task 2: Same scrolling road, same obstacles, different background. This time you are forced to do bunny hops in order to avoid falling over logs which roll relentlessly towards you. If a log happens to be short enough, you can get away with riding round it.

Stunt Bike Simulator

Task 3: You have to jump off the seat of your bike, pass through hoops of fire without getting fried to a crisp, and land back on the bike.

Task 4: Lorry catching. Nothing to do with superhuman strength, you must dodge the cracks and bollards, and then drive your bike up a ramp into the back of a lorry.

Task 5: You have to jump up and grab on to a helicopter which is hovering just above your bike. You get three chances to complete each task within a certain time limit.

Stunt Bike Simulator

Each time you hit an obstacle you lose valuable seconds as your bike spins out of control and has to be picked up off the ground.

The game is tough. This is partly due to the immense number of obstacles you have to avoid and also to some dodgy 3D perspective effects which make the first task rather hit-and-miss and the second practically impossible.

The graphics are good, with realistic colours, very smooth scrolling and lots of attention to detail, although the hang glider is rather blocky looking and moves jerkily. There is no problem with a green screen.


Not only have Firebird thrown away the lovely tunes that accompanied Thrust, Harvey Headbanger and Friends while loading, they've even stopped using sound within their games.

Still, the rest of the game is well done, so I'll be tactful and say that silence is (a) golden and (b) due to lack of memory.