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Deluxe Strip Poker II
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #8

Strip Poker Deluxe II

Computerised strip poker, eh? Aren't ya just sick of it? It's not normally the sort of thing we spend a great deal of time with here at Amiga Power - not through any reasons of prudishness, you understand, but simply because it tends to be so terribly, painfully dull. Almost as dull as people who moralise over it, in fact.

It's hard to see what there is to get offended about here, that's for sure - unless you count crap game-making as offensive. As computerised pornography goes, this is as lame and tame as it (ahem) comes. In fact, far from being titillated - the erotic factor is about the same as Page Three - I spent most of the game rather guiltily wondering what our descendants would make of it all. If they should dig up our ruins and come across something like Deluxe Strip Poker II, what sort of sad impressions would they get of us?

Still, to the game. You know what it's all about, of course. You play a few hands of cards, watch some lass (from a choice of three) whip off her blouse, then sit playing more cards for ages and ages until she's sailed through her underwear. Of course, in the interest of Lord knows what, the occasional picture of 'you' (the male) crops up, as you also lose your kit - though, to be honest, I turned my face away from the screen when these bits came up.

Nothing new then, but does it score highly within the rigid limitations of strip poker games? Well, no, not really. The screen flickers terribly (in much the same fashion as a cheap porno video actually - not that I'd know of course!) and though playing cards against the computer can be fun for a while, it's not £25 worth of fun. No, I'm afraid this is an appalling piece of software, part of an appalling genre, and I presume, aimed at pretty appalling people.

The Bottom Line

Even cheap-thrill seekers will find this sad, witless - and expensive. (If you want women, just think how many porn mags you could buy for £25!) Dreadful.

Colin Campbell

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