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Steve McQueen Westphaser
By Loriciel
Amiga 500/1000/2000/2500/3000

Published in Amiga Power #10

Steve McQueen Westphaser

Here's a funny one. The game's called Steve McQueen Westphaser, but it doesn't have Steve McQueen in it and you can't use a lightphaser either. Good start. In actual fact it's a no-nonsense duck-shooter in Operation Wolf-style, set, unsurprisingly, in the Wild West. You play a sheriff and you have to apprehend (i.e. kill) half-a-dozen criminals, which you do by slaughtering lots of other people in saloons and so on until the baddies deign to show up. Your bullets are limited and the bad guys shoot back, so you've got your work cut out to catch everyone before you are yourself despatched to Boot Hill.

Good things about this game include the bright, unusually-coloured graphics and the fact that if you shoot the girls dancing in the saloons their dresses fall off. Wow. Bad things include the incredibly limited nature of the gameplay, the very poor mouse control of your gunsight, the useless instructions which make it tricky to work out exactly what you're supposed to be doing beyond shooting everything that moves (for example, how do you get extra ammo? I've got no idea) and the incredible difficulty of some of the later rounds. I can't really be bothered writing any more than that - I think you've all worked out by now that you've got better things to do with your money.

The Bottom Line

Pretty hopeless shooting-gallery effort that's easily eclipsed by several budget titles (such as Operation Wolf and Operation Thunderbolt from The Hit Squad or Sharkey's Moll from Zeppelin). Don't waste your time by even thinking about it.

Stuart Campbell

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