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ST Format

Steve Davis Snooker
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #21

Steve Davis Snooker

There's a funny story about this one. The company mixed up their bar-codes and a new game went out with the numbers for Steve Davis, hence its apparent position in the charts. World Snooker is actually a very good program. You can choose from short or long play snooker, pool (both UK and USA), and billiards. You can either play against a friend or your ST and there are numerous levels you can play at. This means it's easy to improve your game.

The game is viewed from an overhead position all the time. You can vary the cue position, the amount of spin and the power of each shot. In addition, you can show a slow motion replay or cancel a bad shot. The graphics aren't outstanding, but then snooker tables aren't the most interesting pieces of furniture in the world. Some clear samples tell you when you've won, lost or messed up and add a bit of realism.

World Snooker is a good laugh, especially with two players because the ST is a little too hard to beat, even on the novice level. An old game, but still fun.