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Stellar 7
By U. S. Gold
Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #19

Stellar 7

3D vector graphics, eh? In another lingo, that could read "wireframe" structures displayed in full perspective. Encounter came to mind straight away but Stellar 7 lacks the pulsating immediacy of that scintillating space punch-up. However, this piece of slick coding gives the connoisseur a turn in the driving seat of a hover-destroyer. The screen is separated into a "view window" (with telescopic zoom facility) and peripheral energy, shield and radar, gauges. Defensively your ship, the Raven, has an invisibility gizmo while offensively she totes a cannon firing twin bursts.

The mission briefing catalogues enemy craft, missiles and gun batteries, graphically pirouetting them before leaving you to gen-up on their weaknesses and capabilities from the data provided.

As you scoot around just above the surface, avoiding the cuboid obstacles, you soon appreciate that there are very few sitting ducks, some of the opposition being able to fly over your head. Before the gate to the next stage appears you must lift a certain number of scalps so you need to be pretty sharp.

Each phase is set in a different colour scheme but more importantly the foe are mustered in new formations. Forget the sound, but the graphics are interesting.