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Stellar 7
By Dynamix
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #3

Stellar 7

Ah yes, I remember it well. Stellar 7 was one of those classic American C64 titles released a good few years back, in the days when wireframe 3D vector graphics seemed like a really neat idea. Now, for some reason known only to them, Dynamix have snapped up the rights to produce a version for the new computer generation. But does Stellar 7 really belong in this decade? Well, that kind of depends on which way you look at it.

"How can you expect people to pay £25 for an ancient Battlezone clone?" cried one person. I can see their point of view (that's right, Mr. Comedian, the first person perspective one). Plus, I have to admit that after my first go I was ready to write the whole thing off as a very big software disaster. Despite the claims of 'ultra-fast solid 3D graphics like never before', the program seemed unforgivably sluggish, and something was definitely absent. What it lacked was the adrenalin surge of other Battlezone-influenced blasts - this month's Encounter, for one.

Then I discovered this neat little slider bar to reduce the level of graphic detail. With trepidation, I knocked it down to half way. Wow, almost no loss of detail, but a definite improvement in the speed department. It's at this point that I really found myself warming to it. It may have caught me in a good mood, but there's something endearing about Stellar 7's singlemindedness. Hey, it's not often you get a Battlezone-clone with power-ups, extra equipment (including a jump facility!), and end-of-level baddies. I've ran out of excuses.

I don't know why I, I just like it. Having said that, I wouldn't really recommend anybody to put this at the top of their shopping list. Let's just say owning one is nothing to feel embarrassed about. By the way, is there a Battlezone revival on right now, or what?

The Bottom Line

Lacks action, needs one meg, and is a rewrite of a six year old game that was old-fashioned to start with. But what the hell - I like it. Now can we have Robotron back in fashion please?

Mark Ramshaw

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