Amiga Power

Steg The Slug

Author: Rich Pelley
Publisher: Codemasters
Machine: Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #15

Steg The Slug

After a casual fling after one too many drinks at last year's office do. Steg the Slug now has to spend his days catching food to feed the hungry mouths of a number of newly acquired offspring, and here's where you come in. You are separated from T'yungunz (as they're known here - try saying it out loud!) by a vertically inter-connecting series of passageways and rooms. Maggots appear with you at the start of each level and by blowing and trapping them in bubbles you can send them floating up towards your nest of T'yungunz at the end.

The bubbles are likely to pop on spikes but via various methods, introducing the puzzle element of the game. Hopefully, when they do, they'll pop so the maggots land nearer their goal than where they started, putting them in an ideal spot to be re-bubbled and then re-directed upwards.

If it all sounds a little out of the ordinary (in fact, Mastertronic's 8-bit One Man And His Droid is the only near comparison I can come up with), this is perhaps why I like it so much. The overall originality (not to mention the neat password system) explains Steg's hook - you want to get onto the next level if only to see what it looks like. The Codies' usual budgety cartoony graphics fit in well - though these are a lot better than most - whilst once again they've implemented enough features (Steg can climb walls, and gain feet and jetpacks from bonuses) to keep the interest level high throughout. This is just frustratingly addictive enough (expect to run out of time or bubble energy just at the last minute) to keep you coming back time after time.

All in all then, a great Codies game - very simple underneath, but nicely presented, packed with little surprises, and with a lovely friendly feel. For good clean fun though, you can't go wrong - and expect to see Steg again very soon.

The Bottom Line

Obvious budget material, but great stuff all the same. Top fun for hermaphrodite lovers everything.

Rich Pelley

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