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Star Blaze
By Prism
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #7

Star Blaze

Blimey, I remember this style of game. The forerunner of the likes of Elite, the pseudo-3D space shoot-'em-up was a popular genre in the early years of the 8-bits, and Star Blaze returns to the formula with a vengeance. I also remember the ads for the game the first time round, where publishers Logotron tried to liken it to R-Type but viewed from the spaceship's cockpit. (Wit in the software industry - whatever happened to it, eh?)

Anyway, Star Blaze isn't too dreadful as blasts from the distant past go, but this kind of simplistic left-right-up-down shooting action was really more suited to the ZX81 and the like. In 1991, it's just a touch too primitive. Not a hopeless waste of money then - you get worth than this at the eight quid mark - but hardly the best choice if you're only going to pick up one of the games here.

The Bottom Line

What's here is all very well and good, but whatever's happened to the other 480K of memory? This won't set anyone's pulse racing for long - give it a miss.

Stuart Campbell

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