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Commodore User

By Incentive
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #11


Whoopee! The SID chip virtually talks... well, as near as damn it. The rest of the sonics are mundane but definitely full marks for the exclamation. The graphics are run-of-the-mill too. Nevertheless, the game is an ingenious, refreshing variation of the familiar maze situation: essentially the screen is a window on a large foraging area, with succulent tussocks of grass and windfall plums waiting to be devoured: dangers lurk in the shape of spikes, unstoppable objects (ok when green or purple) and sheets of cyan water.

These are minor considerations however; the big splat marker is the patterned boundary surrounding the screen. As your window-on-the-world slips and slides around most unpredictably, and a trifle jerkily, there is always the imminent prospect of being sandwiched 'twixt maze and wall (good job the squelch is in purple!).

Never a dull moment, in fact; continued interest is ensured by the maze's aspect continuously changing and the progressively increasing difficulty levels, where only super-slick joystick jugglers will stalk with any vestige of composure.