Amstrad Computer User

Spaghetti Western

Publisher: Zeppelin Games
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #71

Spaghetti Western

Time to go bounty hunting again, this time under the guise of Clint Westband, and it's a real rootin', tootin' epic as well.

Clear the town of bandits to make your money, but watch out for innocent bystanders. Shoot them and you lose out through relatives' compensation.

Earn enough and you can buy more supplies like dynamite, whisky and a good old bullet-proof jacket.

Watch out though, there are more than bandits out there, and you'll need potions, charms, honey pots and crucifixes to do away with the ghosts, hornets and scorpions. It's a dangerous world out there and you'll need to be tough to survive.

Be quick on your six shooter as you also need to destroy various objects that come flying towards you, like the odd horseshoe and wagon wheel. It really is kill or be killed, so be warned, and make sure you get out and buy this superbly produced package now, partner.