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Sorcerer Lord
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #40

Sorcerer Lord

Although it is not the normal type of adventure dealt with in these columns, how could we let a title like Sorcerer Lord go by without some mention. PSS has an enviable reputation in the field of computer strategy/wargames.

Sorcerer Lord is a solo fantasy wargame that pits the armies of the free against the evil invasions of the sorcerous ruler of the Northern Shadowlands. Many of the best adventures are linked with swords and sorcery, probably more have been written for this genre than any other.

Again, those that stand out, involve the fight between good and evil. Often with emphasis on the fighting.

Sadly the Amstrad has been the loser, as few of these games have been converted for dear old Arnold, Most originate in America and Amstrad CPCs have never got more than a foothold over the big water.

The Ultima series, Wizards Crown, The Bard's Tale, the Phantasie series, Questron and many others are hidden from us. The closest we have come for the Amstrad was Infograme's Mandragore, slightly pale in comparison to some of the classics but nevertheless a beginning. But where are its successors?

The fantasy adventures above certainly give active adventurers an opportunity to swing their swords, maces, halberds and cast spells of great power in a good cause, but there is also another side. Special artifacts to find and learn how to use, quests within quests and many puzzles to solve. This is the prime difference between an adventure and a strategy game, Sorcerer Lord enables you to marshall great armies in the defence of the free lands of Galanor. Recruitment of new allies is imperative and it also requires careful tactics to ensure that your magic users are within range of the ancient stone rune rings that fuel their sorcery. But there is no other quest than the destruction of the evil marauders and their leader.

The principal display is a map displaying the position of the opposing forces, towns and citadels, This map is large and you may scroll it across the screen to see all parts of the land.

Terrain is colour-coded as you need to know what effect this will have on movement and tactics. Your armies consist of several races who will favour different conditions, so plan your campaign carefully.

Sorcerer Lord is on disc or cassette, but only for CPC machines. The instruction are well presented and an overall map of the lands of Galanor is included.

An absorbing game, but if you are not a wargamer it will take some time to become a true ruler of the righteous. There are three levels of difficulty and facilities to save a game pos look forward to a prolonged conflict.

Bill Brock

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