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Published in Personal Computer News #099

Software Tapes Available Soon For All Popular 8Bits
We check out the latest contenders on the software market. Don't forget, if you want your company's package to be included on this page, send your latest releases to Bryan Skinner, PCN, 62 Oxford Street, London W1A 2HG, along with prices and phone numbers.


Amsoft is certainly squeezing the most out of its Roland character. The latest task for the poor hero is solving tricky 3D patterns. The game's rather like QBert, except that the only hazard is jumping off a platform into thin air.

Astronomy seems to be enjoying a wave of interest at the moment with programs for the Spectrum and, more notably, the BBC. Amsoft has now released Star Watcher. It's pricey, but there are two programs; one develops your knowledge of the subject, the other displays the night sku.

Star Watcher £19.95 Amsoft 0277-230222
Square Bashing £8.95 Amsoft 0277-230222
Superchess £9.95 CP Software 0423-57089


Castle Quest is undoubtedly one of the best games for the BBC and cries out to be converted (and hopefully extended) for other machines. It's a real arcade adventure, Micro Power has got the blend just right. You control a character, who has to collect items and solve problems, all in a scrolling levels and ladders game. The problems are fiendishly clever.

BBC adventure fans should note Island Of Xaan, it's a machine code adventure which uses text-compression techniques to get round the Beeb's memory limitations.

Castle Quest £12.95 Micro Power 0532-458800
Island Of Xaan £7.95 Robico 0443-227354
Beeline £5.50 Robico 0443-227354
Banjax £9.95 Robico 0443-227354
Corpuscle £7.95 Micrograf 0344-81789
Trains £7.95 Micrograf 0344-81789
Hacker 2000 £7.95 Micrograf 0344-81789

Commodore 64

Some games programmers have a very odd sense of humour. Combine this with a desire to produce games with some topical theme and you might come up with Seaside Special. First help Radium Rodney collect radioactive seaweed from Rotaway Beach, then zoom off to Downing Street to throw it at the evil Polytikians, who resembler some Tory MPs. The game's amusing but the plot's thin.

Combat Leader £14.95 US Gold 021-359 3020
Seaside Special £6.90 Taskset 0262-673798
Dark Tower £7.95 Melbourne House 01-940 6064
3-D Skramble £6.95 Livewire 061-834 4233
Carry On Laughing £6.95 Livewire 061-834 4233
Slap Shot £8.95 Anirog 0322-92513
Bridge Player II £9.95 CP Software 0423-57089

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