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Slicker Puzzle
By DK Tronics
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Commodore User #10

The Slicker Puzzle

The Slicker Puzzle, as the name suggests, is a puzzle game for the Vic. The puzzle is a square made up of coloured triangles which in turn form coloured squares. The complete square is mapped as co-ordinates A-P horizontally and vertically.

Once you've selected your skill level and scoreboard - there are eight skill levels and four scoreboards (the purpose of which totally escaped me...) - the computer shuffles two or more lines of the puzzle (depending on skill level) and then proceeds to 'de-shuffle' just to prove it can be done. It then sets its target moves; you respond by going to the section you reckon should be moved to put the puzzle back together again. Each time you move a section, your chosen scoreboard displays your number of moves.

Once the puzzle is completed, there are choruses of zapping noises to let you know. If you complete it over the target set, you'll get a message flashing that your moves were inferior to the computer's; and if you win, the Vic ungraciously flashes up unreadable gibberish. Fascinating stuff.