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Slap Shot
By Anirog
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #19

Slap Shot

Right, get your skates on we're going to play ice hockey. Slap Shot is yet another team sports simulation, and as such is a credible attempt to recreate the elements that make is such a fast and violent game. Unfortunately, you can't play the computer so this one is hardly bedsitter material.

Naturally, you control one player at a time, manoeuvring him down the ice towards the opposition goal. The pitch is a rather flat representation, which makes it difficult to shoot and pass accurately. This is made up through by the smooth, frictionless movement of the puck across the ice. It rebounds nicely as well.

The best feature of all though is the bodychecking facility - ice hockey is, after all, a rough 'n tough game. Stand 'over' your opponent and hit the joystick button and you'll dump him on his behind. Great stuff. You can even do it when you have possession, but you have to be careful otherwise you'll release the puck. Do it too often and you'll incur a 'roughing penalty'. Pity there isn't a facility for a huge punch-up though.

Slap Shot is good but it could be better. Passing is difficult, sometimes the puck will pass right through a team mate. That is if you can direct it well enough. You can't change your team colours and it's a bit difficult to distinguish which player on the grey side you have under control. Could be faster too.